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Integrated, Phone-Free SMS Bulk Sending For Real Estate Agencies, Service Update

In addition to text messages, Bigly Sales’ updated service offerings allow clients to send pictures, GIFs, and videos within seconds at $0.01 per text or SMS, or $0.03 per multimedia text or MMS. Additional numbers are available for $2 per line, and message templates are offered at no cost.

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Besides SMS bulk sending, the company’s recently revised suite of features includes a unified inbox, email blasts, unlimited tagging, inbound and outbound texting and calling, task management, power dialing, a calendar, and reminder settings. With all these functions in a single platform, real estate agents can manage their prospects, current clients, and their own teams with minimal expense and hassle.

According to industry market researcher IBISWorld, the CRM market is currently booming and is expected to be worth about $45 billion in 2023. Because consistent communication with leads and clients is crucial to the real estate industry, CRMs can be very valuable to individual agencies by providing new ways to communicate with prospects and customers.

Real estate agents need to be able to easily communicate with leads, prospects, and past customers in different ways. As such, Bigly Sales’ platform offers text, email, and voice communications all in one place, and transcripts for all these modes are automatically uploaded, obviating the need for data entry.

In their CRMs, agents would derive the most value from analytics tools and third-party integrations. Bigly Sales offers real-time analytics for their global email, USA text, and USA phone programs, and their SMS bulk-sending program allows easy, phone-free integration with third-party apps.

About Bigly Sales

Bigly Sales, Inc. was founded by Tom Ryan, an industry veteran with 20 years of experience, to provide small businesses with 10 employees or fewer CRM software that automatically tracks emails, texts, and phone calls – no tedious data entry required. The software comes without annual, maintenance, or implementation fees. Bigly Sales currently has over 78,000 satisfied customers in more than 150 countries.

“We have excellent experience and value using Bigly Sales,” said one of these happy customers. “It is the best tool for lead generation.”

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