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Introducing Victorian Bus Inspections: Annual Bus Inspections in Melbourne, Victoria

Victorian Bus Inspections is thrilled to announce the commencement of its annual bus inspection services in Melbourne, Victoria. With an unyielding commitment to road safety and a passion for providing top-notch service, this initiative is set to redefine the standards of bus maintenance and safety in the region.

Victorian Bus Inspections is a new brand under Peninsula Diesel Repairs, which has over 30 years industry presence, including 15 years as Heavy Vehicle Roadworthy experts and six years in Light & Heavy Bus Inspection. Victorian Bus Inspections revolutionises bus inspections and redefines the industry.

Their advanced portable roller brake tester acquisition led to a two-year collaboration with clients and Vicroads, resulting in a new standard for onsite Annual Bus Inspections throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Victorian Bus Inspections places the safety of Melbourne’s commuters at the forefront. By introducing a systematic, annual inspection for buses operating within Victoria, this service aims to ensure that every vehicle meets the highest safety standards, thus providing peace of mind to both operators and passengers alike.

Beyond safety, Victorian Bus Inspections provides numerous advantages for bus operators, including:

  • Detailed reports highlighting areas that need attention.
  • Recommendations for regular maintenance to prolong vehicle life and reduce long-term costs.
  • Access to a network of reputable service providers for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Experience the company’s transformative journey and explore services on their user-friendly website, at

About Victorian Bus Inspections:

Victorian Bus Inspections is a leading provider of onsite bus annual inspections across Melbourne and Victoria. The company redefines excellence and convenience, by offering innovative services at clients’ locations. Victorian Bus Inspections leads the bus inspections landscape.

For any questions one may have or to make a booking, please feel free to get in touch with Victorian Bus Inspections via email at:

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