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Jared Wolfson CEO of GROM Social Enterprises’ Curiosity Ink Media.

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NEW YORK, NY / NewsDirect /August 8th, 2023 / Best Growth Stocks, a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on small and mid-cap growth companies recently issued a new C-Level interview with Grom Social Enterprises.

Steve had the pleasure of recently conducting the Interview with Jared Wolfson, CEO of Grom Socials Curiosity Ink Media (NASDAQ: GROM). Steve diligently focused on questions he thought would be on the minds of most current and potential future shareholders. See the interview highlights below.

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Jared Wolfson CEO of Grom Socials Curiosity Ink Media

As CEO of Curiosity Ink Media, Jared Wolfson is responsible for leading key initiatives, including; corporate vision, strategy and culture, partnerships and deal structuring, portfolio management, operations and finance, among others. A winning business development executive and marketing specialist in the Kids and Family industry for more than 20 years, Jared has built and managed numerous successful franchise properties, architected and driven multi-media marketing plans and initiatives powering record sales revenues and led development, production, and operational activities for studios, amassing hundreds of half-hours of entertainment content, in various formats and mediums.

Interview Highlights:

Best Growth Stocks Senior Editor Steve Macalbry and Jared Wolfson of Grom Socials Curiosity Ink Media discuss current projects, synergies, licensing deals, partnerships and much more in this interview.

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About Curiosity Ink Media

Named as one of Business Worldwide Magazines 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2022, Curiosity Ink Media is a global media company that develops, acquires, builds, grows and maximizes the short, mid, and long-term commercial potential of Kids & Family entertainment properties and associated business opportunities. Driven by a best-in-class leadership team, Curiosity Ink Medias multi-faceted IP library is designed to amass ongoing value through strategic stewardship, partnerships, and highly targeted market entry. For more information, please visit

About Grom Social Enterprises, Inc.

Grom Social Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: GROM) is a growing social media platform and original content provider of entertainment for children under 13, which provides safe and secure digital environments for kids that can be monitored by their parents or guardians. The Company has several operating subsidiaries, including Grom Social, which delivers its content through mobile and desktop environments (web portal and apps) that entertain children, lets them interact with friends, access relevant news, and play proprietary games while teaching them about being good digital citizens. The Company also owns and operates Top Draw Animation, which produces award-winning animation content for some of the largest international media companies in the world. Grom also includes Grom Educational Services, which provides web filtering for K-12 schools, government and private businesses. For more information, please visit or for investor relations, please visit at

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