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Jason Fladlien, Product eClass: Digital Info Product Marketing Webinar Announced

The new training program, taught by entrepreneur Jason Fladlien, provides proven tips designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners gain traction faster. It reduces the asset creation process to two hours and showcases results-backed marketing frameworks for audience growth and customer engagement.

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With email marketing expected to be worth over $10 billion by the end of 2023, the new training provides entrepreneurs with an effective way to create information products faster – and improve conversion through their email list.

Jason Fladlien, a marketing expert with years of experience, is known as the ‘$100 Million Dollar Webinar Man’ for the impact he has created with his educational materials. His success has led Joe Polish to call him one of the most successful living entrepreneurs today.

He began his entrepreneurial career with ghostwriting following immediate success with PDF lead magnets and audience building in the relationships field. He has since entered the world of software with WP Twin and Rapid Crush, and to date, he has sold over $100,000,000 worth of products using webinars.

His latest program will give participants valuable insights into the process of product creation and promotion. Jason Fladlien explains that effective info products should be targeted at a niche audience and answer a specific pain point. This combination can trigger impulse purchases and be used as a blueprint for delivering value.

The training underscores the importance of creating information products that can be justified as free, as well as the significance of products that promise specific results in an allotted time. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge of how to create products that help overcome common sticking points and pains for their customers.

The program will teach attendees how to design effective lead magnets and list-building strategies, which form the foundation of a successful product sales business. Participants will learn how to create effective content that drives traffic and builds a loyal audience for their brand.

Info products can be created in a range of formats, including ebooks, audio programs, and video courses. The training demonstrates how these products can be used to create lead magnets and build a list of subscribers, and then how they can be developed into a larger product sales business.

Jason Fladlien argues against trying ‘bright and shiny objects’, as new opportunities can often be challenging or time-consuming without the promise of a big return. Instead, he teaches an approach based on a time-tested business model and proven marketing techniques.

A spokesperson states: “If you want to secure an unbeatable edge, you need to get started on this now. Watch the training and start building your empire.”

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