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Las Vegas Long Covid Symptom Diagnosis & Telehealth Treatment Services Updated

With the recent update, In Good Health PC combines their team’s medical expertise with blood tests and innovative AI technologies to accurately diagnose a patient’s Long Covid symptoms.

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Following a positive diagnosis, In Good Health PC can create a customized treatment plan that covers areas such as medication, physical therapy, cognitive-behavioral counseling, lifestyle modifications, and specialist referrals.

While the main thrust of the pandemic has predominantly passed, the Southern Nevada Health District has reported that as many as 10% of individuals who had the virus are still suffering from Long Covid symptoms. Furthermore, with the coming fall and winter months, these symptoms are likely to worsen for those with lowered immune systems.

In response to the medical needs of its local community, In Good Health PC has developed a comprehensive Long Covid diagnostic and treatment plan.

As the long-term effects of Covid are still relatively understudied, medical professionals are still learning how to effectively test and treat it. However, as the team at In Good Health PC has been at the forefront of this area, they have developed a range of tests and treatments to address and relieve these symptoms.

The clinic’s team highlights the main symptoms associated with Long Covid as ranging from outward signs such as a persistent cough, wheezing, fatigue, and breathlessness to more internal concerns, including anxiety, panic attacks, brain fog, and depression. In combination, these symptoms can result in more serious complications, which is why the clinic encourages individuals to get diagnostic tests done as soon as possible so that a treatment plan can be developed.

Led by Dr. Sharon, In Good Health PC also provides preventative treatment plans for those wishing to protect themselves against future viruses, and an AI telehealth service for monitoring a patient’s existing conditions. The Nevada clinic can also help individuals looking to better manage their diabetes or hypertension.

A spokesperson for In Good Health PC said, “Dr. Sharon takes a personal interest in each of his patients, and strives to provide the best possible care for every individual. He believes that good communication is the key to providing excellent patient care, and he always takes the time to listen to his patient’s concerns.

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