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London 6A Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets Collection, White & Gold Pieces Launched

Mayfairsilk announces that its white and champagne gold silk bed sheets collection features a timeless white base with a shimmering champagne gold Oxford border for a sophisticated feel for the discerning customer. Each fitted sheet, flat sheet, and duvet set is further handcrafted using the company’s premier 22-momme soft matte silk to ensure that customers have a good night’s sleep regardless of the weather.

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Mayfairsilk’s new collection continues the company’s mission to provide high-quality bed sheets that help facilitate sound sleep. The group explains that a third of a person’s life is spent sleeping so it is important that one’s bed sheets are of the highest quality and luxury. This is especially true for those who regularly suffer from insomnia or poor sleep.

Silk sheets are often recommended for people with sensitive skin or who are prone to allergies. This is because silk absorbs less moisture from the skin, which allows it to stay hydrated throughout the night. Dermatologists likewise recommend silk bed sheets for those who experience chronic hair fall or suffer from occasional skin rashes. The highly breathable fabric offers great ventilation to the skin, which may have therapeutic benefits for sleep quality as well.

The new silk bed sheets collection features threads that are sourced from the finest 100% long-strange Grade 6A mulberry silk. Using cutting-edge technology and innovative weaving techniques honed through decades of experience, the team at Mayfairsilk is able to produce a fabric that is not only breathable but luxurious as well.

This collection is machine-washable and requires less washing than cotton. It also features a matte, not glossy, finish, which better matches contemporary tastes.

All bedding collections offered by the company are designed in London and made to last.

A company spokesperson said, “Our vision was to weave the elegance and allure of European designs with the natural splendour of silk, offering an unparalleled sleep experience that transcends the ordinary. Mayfairsilk is more than just exquisite bedding; it is a celebration of self-care and your well-deserved indulgence in better sleep.”

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