Long-Bias Trading & SEC Filing Tutorials: Chatroom Education For Amateurs Update

The latest launch expands the platform’s already comprehensive syllabus for its growing membership, enabling beginners and more experienced day traders to expand their skill sets and generate more consistent returns in all market cycles.

More details can be found at https://myinvestingclub.com

The announcement also shares details of MIC’s flagship mentorship program which connects amateur traders with elite-level professionals for one-to-one or group coaching on every aspect of stock market practice. All subscribers are given automatic access to the MIC chatroom – a global community of fellow traders, willing to share tips and ideas and learn from one another in the quest for financial independence.

The addition of SEC filings reading adds another important facet of trading research to the MIC curriculum. These records are submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission and contain all of the relevant financial information and disclosures that traders need to know to make informed decisions about whether to acquire a company’s stocks and securities.

Long-bias trading tutorials also give members another potential method of broadening their approach to day trading. The coaching team explains the psychology behind short and long-bias preferences in the stock market and why an understanding of one’s natural inclinations can prevent costly mistakes. Subscribers learn about the concepts of loss aversion, disposition, and herd bias and how best to mitigate these issues.

MIC hosts a series of weekly webinars with live market recaps and expert analyses of current patterns and trends. This is augmented by daily trading blueprints to give members a headstart on the day’s business before the market even opens. All tutorials are recorded and stored in the platform’s state-of-the-art learning management system – a video encyclopedia of day trading resources.

Other MIC features include a seven-hour Accelerator course for beginners and coaching on technical and fundamental analysis. While the learning model is based largely on live trading, paper trading demo simulator accounts can also be used to help traders hone their craft before risking any real capital.

A spokesperson says, “We provide our students with every resource they could possibly need to become successful. From on-demand video lessons to personal daily watch lists, live market recap & trader psychology classes, daily education in the chatroom, even 1-on-1 mentorship phone calls with professional day traders, we provide it all.”

For more information, go to https://myinvestingclub.com

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