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Longmont Family & General Dentistry: Exam & Teeth Cleaning Services Updated

As part of the update, Hover Dental Group is providing patients of all ages with access to a range of comprehensive treatments designed to address both basic and complex dental needs. The practice uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure that patients get the highest quality oral care possible.

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According to Statista, approximately 15 percent of children and adolescents in the United States report having an oral health issue every year. For adults, the number is much higher at almost 25 percent. The causes of these oral health issues vary; however, poor dental hygiene, bad diets, and a lack of access to treatment are the most cited reasons.

With its updated family and general dentistry services, Hover Dental Group aims to address these shortcomings by providing children and adults alike with high-quality dental care at affordable prices.

For all new patients, Hover Dental Group starts with an initial consultation where several things are discussed including health history and oral health objectives. Their dentists also conduct a battery of different examinations and diagnostic procedures, checking for things like cavities and gum diseases. With this information, they create a dental treatment plan tailored to the patient’s needs, goals, and budget.

As far as what might be included in the dental treatment plan, Hover Dental Group offers a variety of family and general dentistry treatments, including cleanings, checkups, preventative and restorative dentistry, and much more. Their dentists may also provision for future dental and orthodontic procedures.

“At Hover Dental Group we are dedicated to providing you with the finest general and family dental health care in Longmont,” said a spokesperson for the practice. “As a state-of-the-art dental practice, we strive to meet the needs of dental patients of all ages. We believe that excellent oral health is essential to your general health and well-being, and as such, we have designed our practice with you and your family in mind.”

Prospective patients can schedule a no-cost consultation by calling Hover Dental Group at the number in the description or by filling out the request form on their website.

Led by Dr. Casey Kochevar, Hover Dental Group has been providing patients in Longmont and the surrounding areas with high-quality dental care since 2006. The practice is currently accepting new patients.

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Hover Dental Group
1446 Hover St STE 150

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