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Maine Vehicle Magnetic Signs For Political Election Campaign Advertising Launch

The move is part of a concerted effort to provide campaigners across the state and elsewhere throughout the New England region with additional advertising materials. Big Daddy’s Signs now equips election teams with the means to constantly promote their campaign on the road, with attachable signs for their personal or commercial cars and trucks.

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Its newly available vehicle magnets can be customized in line with Big Daddy’s Signs’ local services, giving campaigners the opportunity to personalize their signs accordingly. The company is able to print user-submitted images, artwork, logos, and messages that make each signage product unique – reflecting business brands and campaign identities.

The benefits of targeted and mobile advertising are wide-ranging, says the company – effectively, coverage areas are no longer limited to single spots. Instead, political campaigners can attract voters and sway the opinions of communities as they travel with memorable slogans emblazoned on their vehicles at all times.

“You can choose to advertise in specific areas or neighborhoods where you know your target audience is located,” says a Big Daddy’s Signs representative. “Vehicle magnets can reach a wider audience as they can be seen by people who are out on the streets, in parking lots, or even at traffic lights.”

Vehicle magnets offer a temporary solution in contrast to vehicle wrapping and painting, notes the company. They can be easily attached and removed as needed, making them highly suitable in the run-up to local and statewide political elections. Further, Big Daddy’s Signs produces its magnets with materials conducive to vehicle installation – eliminating the risk of paintwork damage.

Big Daddy’s Signs also speaks to the cost-effectiveness of vehicle magnets. With their low-cost production and delivery, customers can order in bulk to secure large-scale advertising without blowing their budget, says the company. As such, they make for an effective usage of financial resources – freeing up higher sums to be used in other areas.

Vehicle magnets are also easy to adapt as personal or business details change, notes Big Daddy’s Signs. New contact info and modernized messaging in tune with the latest events or trends can be implemented through collaboration with the company’s New Hampshire graphic design team.

Says a company spokesperson: “When you use full-color magnets for your business or political campaign, your sign can receive hundreds of views per day. Vehicle signs with pictures and graphics can tell your special story in seconds.”

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