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Muhammad Tahir Lakhani Dubai – Shipping Industry Biography of (UAE, Malaysia, UK and USA)

Mr Muhammad Tahir Lakhani is the founder and CEO of the Dubai Trading Agency head quartered in Dubai. He is a very successful businessman and a role model for many. As per the records, Mr Tahir Lakhani holds the esteemed Propeller Club’s membership in Port of Monaco & the United States of America. Since childhood, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani had been very interested in sports, particularly Tennis. He played Tennis since an early age, and he also represented Pakistan in Davis Cup and Junior Wimbledon. Owing to his passion and his excellence in Tennis, he got the chance to represent Pakistan on various other occasions.

Talking about Mr Tahir Lakhani’s background, it is known that he was born in Pakistan on 27 April 1962. He belonged to an affluent family of Pakistan. To earn a living, Mr Tahir Lakhani started working in the shipping industry at a very early age. His hard work was well recognized in the field, and he also gained a lot of experience. This helped Mr Tahir Lakhani is standing on his feet. It can be said that Mr Tahir Lakhani Dubai started from the very basic as his first stint in the Shipping Industry involved working in recycling yard and monitoring steel plates’ movement.

As per Mr Tahir Lakhani’s acquaintance, he used to spend over 12 hours in the recycling yard, and he followed this routine for more than three years. He also supervised the operations of steel cutting and trading. The job is not easy, and it requires a lot of attention as well. This work taught him a lot of essential things about the industry. In 1999, he wanted to take a big step after gaining this experience, and this was when he moved to the UK.  He moved there with his family and with a lot of experience in the ship recycling industry, he was able to set up a successful business in the UK. The company incepted by Mr Muhammad Tahir Lakhani is Dubai Trading Agency LLC, and this company was incepted in Pakistan in 1985. Since then, the company has never seen a dull day, and it started operating in international waters.

The first significant deal of DTC involved the purchase of 3 Adriatic Tankers. These tankers were acquired in the UK, and they were moved to Pakistan for ship breaking. Mr Tahir Lakhani DTA was able to take advantage of Pakistan’s largest ship breaking yard in this project, and it was one of the biggest deal that Mr Lakhani’s company every made.

With time & expertise of Mr Lakhani, DTC soon achieved a milestone of breaking 100 ships every year. At present, Mr Muhammad Tahir Lakhani holds the UK’s citizenship, and he was awarded citizenship in the year 2009. Late in 2014, Mr Tahir Lakhani Shipping moved to Dubai to expand the business. Mr Muhammad Tahir Lakhani Dubai works with his son, and they often ferry between London & UK for business. It comes as no surprise that Mr Tahir Lakhani was the vice-chairman of the UAE Shipping Association’s title until 2019. He is a living example of success in the Ship Breaking Industry.

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Dubai Trading Agency Group (“the Group”) has its origins in Dubai Trading Agency LLC, which was established in 1973. Over the years, the business of Dubai Trading Agency LLC has expanded globally and grown to include several subsidiaries and associate businesses having offices in New York USA, UK, Singapore, Pakistan and India.