Press Release

Mustaev’s Odyssey of Elevating Beauty and Fostering Excellence

In the realm of makeup artistry, akin to a chef’s reliance on a knife or a hairdresser’s precision with scissors, Mustaev discerns the profound significance of cosmetic tools and color products. Amidst a sea of international alternatives, Mustaev stands as a trailblazer in the global cosmetics landscape, injecting an authentic Korean essence into makeup tools and color cosmetics.

Born in 2009, MTMCO made waves in the cosmetics industry, giving rise to the MUSTAEV makeup brand in 2010. Mustaev brushes, esteemed by beauty enthusiasts and praised by makeup connoisseurs, carved out a distinctive space in a market dominated by foreign counterparts. Yet, Mustaev’s roots delve into the cultural epicenter of Cheongdam-dong.

Cheongdam-dong, the pulsating heart of Korea’s beauty culture, serves as the cradle for Mustaev’s inception. Every Mustaev product is a result of collaboration, a testament to the lively ideas born in the minds of makeup artists.

Guiding Mustaev’s expedition is the visionary philosophy of CEO On Yun-seong, who foresaw that earning the respect of experts would pave the way for triumph.

On Yun-seong, once a pharmacist turned entrepreneur, shared, “My journey from pharmacy to cosmetics was a natural evolution.” He explained, “Noticing a gap in Korea’s production of representative color products, I aspired to craft genuine color cosmetics and makeup tools. My vision was to triumph by founding a company dedicated to creation.”

Contrary to competitors chasing fleeting trends, Mustaev’s focus lies in meticulously crafting the right products. This involves exhaustive field testing, feedback gathering, and multiple revision stages.

At the core of Mustaev’s ingenuity is the PCI (Personal Color Image) system, tailoring colors to individual preferences. Mustaev distinguishes itself by classifying colors, standing apart from the trend-driven commercial products saturating the market.

On Yun-seong stressed, “While staying ahead in fashion-forward cosmetics is crucial, we place profound emphasis on the fundamentals. Our products, developed hand in hand with experts, possess universal appeal while staying true to the basics.”

Confident in their global competitiveness, Mustaev crafts cosmetics using the finest materials, anticipating that consumers will recognize and value their intrinsic worth.

On Yun-seong declared, “We aspire for consumers to discern no difference between Mustaev brushes purchased today and those acquired a decade from now. In Korea, our goal is to be the equivalent of MAC or Bobbi Brown in the U.S.”

He added, “Just as there is a distinct difference in facial shapes between Westerners and Koreans, characterized by deep, three-dimensional eyes, Mustaev believes that makeup tools must harmonize perfectly with the Korean face. We strive to be a brand authentically representing Korea with products precisely tailored for us.”

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