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Nano One’s One-Pot trials produce LFP (lithium iron phosphate) for customer evaluation

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Nano One Materials Corp COO Alex Holmes joined Steve Darling from Proactive to to share some developments in the company's journey towards commercializing their groundbreaking technology.

In the past few months, Nano One has made significant strides in its One-Pot trials conducted within the existing reactors at its Candiac, Quebec plant. These trials have resulted in the successful production of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) at a commercial scale, with performance results that align closely with their laboratory-scale experiments.

Holmes revealed that Nano One has now progressed to utilizing full commercial-sized reactors for LFP production. This milestone marks a significant step forward as it prepares to ship its LFP products to select customers for evaluation in the fourth quarter of this year. Additionally, the installation of 200-tonne per annum reactors is complete, and the optimization process is underway to further enhance scalability.

As Nano One continues to achieve repeatable success with LFP trials in its existing commercial-scale reactors, it paves the way for the accelerated refurbishment of the plant. This refurbishment aims to automate the use of the existing reactors for the One-Pot process, a move that will unlock continuous production capabilities, potentially reaching up to 2,000 tonnes per annum by the close of 2024.

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