New ‘Ultra-Nutritious’ Moment Ramen Includes All the Nutrients People Necessitate to Survive

Cup Noodle producer Nissin is putting a nourishing twist on its moment ramen that nobody saw coming.

With its new “ultra-nutritious” ramen that supposedly contains “all nutrients your body needs,” the organization is clearly veering away from the moment noodles’ unhealthy notoriety.

Nissin’s new All-in Noodles series is being promoted as moment ramen that will take care of all vitamin, mineral, and protein prerequisites for the day, Soranews24 reports.

The organization claims that the noodles are so healthy that they are ideal for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Every packet of All-in Noodles contains over 33% of the body’s day by day prerequisites for 13 different vitamins, 13 minerals, protein, and dietary fiber.

Nissin had the option to pack the new product with nutrients by replacing ordinary ramen with uncommonly made dried noodles that have a nutrient-packed core. As indicated by the organization, a standard noodle coating then helps preserve the texture and kind of the noodles while additionally decreasing the measure of carbohydrates by 40%.

Beside plain noodles, All-in Noodles are additionally accessible in three cup ramen mazesoba (brothless) varieties: The Abura Ramen which accompanies spicy rayu oil, chashu pork, and green onions, the Thai-inspired Tom Yum, that contains lemongrass, coconut milk, and cilantro, and the Tantan noodles which is prepared with Szechuan pepper.

While standard ramen takes just around three minutes to cook, the plain variety of All-in Noodles requires four minutes of cooking time.

Sold at first through Nissin’s Lohaco online shop, the plain All-in Noodles are accessible for 400 yen ($3.80) per individual packet while all cup versions are 600 yen ($5.70) each. The site offers 10% off for about half-dozen cup orders and 20% off for 30-packs of plain noodles.