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New York City Family Home Relocation Guide To Pack & Protect Furniture Released

As working from home becomes a new normal, quality furniture becomes increasingly important. And so does protecting it during a move. A new guide from relocation experts at shares tips on packing furniture to prevent damage when moving in New York City.

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The guide includes tips for packing and loading wooden, glass, leather, and upholstered furniture, which have increasingly become more than just a place to spend time after work.

The number of Americans working at least partially from home jumped from just under 6 percent in 2019 to more than 28 percent in 2023, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. More employees than ever are spending a significant part of their days working from sofas, recliners, and dining room tables. Investing in supportive, quality furniture is important to preventing injury. Protecting that investment becomes critical when relocating.

The guide recommends taking a full inventory of furniture in a family home to gather proper supplies beforehand as a proactive first step. Professional movers advise gathering predictable items like bubble wrap and plastic stretch wrap, but also mention that resealable plastic bags, permanent markers, and other unexpected items make the job easier.

While cleaning up typically comes after a move, the guide from recommends dusting and removing dirt from furniture before packing. Friction created by motion can grind debris into the piece and scratch wood, glass, and other fixtures, according to the guide. also suggests disassembling furniture when possible before wrapping and loading. The smaller pieces are easier to cover, and make it less likely for them to be damaged by hitting door frames and walls. Glass shelves and door inserts should also be removed and wrapped separately.

The guide recommends protecting hard furniture pieces with items like bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, and blankets, as well as securing these coverings with tape or string. Mattresses, sofas, and soft-sided items can be shrink-wrapped to help prevent tears and water damage. Furniture dollies can help prevent accidental drops, and keeping family home doors open makes the process smoother and heads off dings and nicks to corners, according to

Individuals who are reluctant to move awkward furniture out of tight New York City spaces can use to get no-obligation quotes on moving services. The site can also provide quotes for all-inclusive moving services. While all-inclusive services are more expensive, can help identify the most affordable options in local areas.

Founded in 1994 by a mover with decades of experience, has deep ties to the relocation industry. The company maintains a network of more than 500 moving companies that provide services locally, nationally, and internationally. Movers are vetted and screened monthly to make sure they maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. The site also offers do-it-yourself moving guides for those relocating on a tight budget.

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