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Old Bridge, NJ Startup Local SEO & Content Creation; Digital Marketing Update

The recent update from NJ Local Marketing, LLC sees the company provide owners of new startups with marketing solutions that combine local area SEO with content creation to increase their online visibility.

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With their newly updated services, the New Jersey firm is able to work alongside startup owners to identify who their target audience is in order to create meaningful content that provides them value and, in turn, engagement.

Recent statistics have shown that on average only 10 to 20% of startups go on to achieve long-term success. Furthermore, as one of the greatest challenges for startups is generating new leads, 22% of these failed businesses report incorrect marketing strategies as their main downfall. To help startup owners connect with the right prospective customers, the team at NJ Local Marketing, LLC offers professional local SEO and digital marketing solutions.

Having over twenty years of experience in marketing, the firm’s team understands the importance of hyper-specific SEO content that organically raises to the top of search results on Google. Using this knowledge, the team can develop content for startups that not only increases awareness of their services but also their authority in their industry.

The content created by NJ Local Marketing, LLC focuses on key questions a client’s prospective customers will be looking for, while also incorporating local area ‘near me’ search terms. This combination allows the content to raise above more generic search results as well as being relevant to both a prospect’s location and their current needs.

Based in Old Bridge, the digital marketing firm works with new startup owners throughout New Jersey, including New Brunswick, Newark, Trenton, Paterson, Edison, and Elizabeth. Individuals looking to learn more about the marketing services can find further information on the firm’s website, along with contact details for arranging no-obligation consultation.

A spokesperson for NJ Local Marketing, LLC said, “Every business is unique and so is the path to growth. We don’t follow a script or break out a playbook for our customers. Instead, we take the time to figure out exactly what your business needs to grow and thrive online.”

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