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Orlando Water Damage Restoration: Burst Pipe & Mold Remediation Services Update

Damp Solving Water & Mold now offers a wide range of services to help Orlando home and business owners recover from water damage caused by storms, floods, appliance and plumbing leaks, and burst pipes.

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Following the update, the water damage restoration team is available 24/7 to provide prompt services such as water extraction, dry-out, and dehumidification to mitigate further property damage. They will also repair flooring, walls, and ceilings, restoring damaged areas to their pre-disaster condition.

Since water damage has a variety of causes and associated risks, Damp Solving Water & Mold provides the experience and expertise to quickly assess a customer’s situation, determine the source of damage, and develop a clean-up plan. In addition, the company utilizes specialized equipment to safely address and eliminate hazards such as electrical shock, structural instability, contaminated water, and mold growth.

For customers who suspect the presence of mold in their home or building, the company provides remediation services to identify its source, remove contaminated materials, and prevent the spread of spores. Control measures to ensure it does not return many include increasing ventilation and using dehumidifiers to remove water from the air.

Another service offered by Damp Solving Water & Mold is plumbing leak and burst pipe repair. The technicians will address failed pipes caused by water pressure problems, corrosion, clogged drains, and more, to restore a safe, uninterrupted water flow.

In addition to water damage services, the company offers expertise in fire damage restoration – a process that involves soot and smoke odor removal and repairing fire-damaged areas to return a property to its pre-fire condition.

Since 1995, Damp Solving Water & Mold has provided immediate-response specialist restoration services for customers throughout Orlando. To date, the company has completed over 8,000 clean-ups and 3,500 mold removal projects.

A satisfied customer said: “Karl from Damp Solving Water & Mold was an absolute godsend. We have a huge mess on our hands after the recent storm, but he came out the same day to assess it. He was very professional and knowledgeable and really put my mind at ease. I highly recommend using them for any of your water and mold-related issues.”

Interested parties can find more information at

Damp Solving Water & Mold
255 S Orange Ave Suite 104 #1683

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