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Prize Winning Author Combines His 4 Book Adventure Series For Young Readers Into One Large Print Paperback

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KIERAN’S ADVENTURES (for ages 10 and up)

This compendium is for ages 10 and up and is about a teenage boy who, venturing into his father’s laboratory, discovers a weird window that is a portal to another universe. Not understanding what he has found, leads to exciting discoveries and adventures, meeting people from other universes including characters like Rikki and Bal, twins from Vigandond, a woman scientist fleeing from her tyrannical boss in Pimglammam named Rajilad, and Marty and Willie, robots from another universe where humans have become extinct. There’s travel to the colonial past meeting old presidents Jefferson and Madison, adventures being trapped in another universe, and even a UFO kidnapping among the exciting things Kieran and his friends encounter.

In the compendium, readers will find themselves lost in a world of adventure as they get to answer some of the most fascinating questions like why Professor Cummerford didn’t want Kieran to go into his workshop alone, why Kieran’s father had kept the weird window a secret, and what happened to make Kieran admit to having interacted with the weird window. Being in four parts, the second part takes readers through the concept of a parallel universe while also helping them to answer important questions like who came to visit Kieran and why, how the visitors from a parallel universe were able to speak Kieran’s language, what Professor Cummerford’s reaction to the visitors and their aim was, and more.

The third part of the compendium also helps readers understand who Rajilad is, where she came from, how she succeeded in doing amazing things because of her genius. Readers will also find out what Kieran discovered from his visit to the past and what happened when they met Ezra. In his trip to the past, Kieran will take readers on a journey to discover more about the country’s history.

The fourth part of the compendium introduces readers to Marty – a robot- and how he gets involved in Kieran’s adventures. This part also answers the question of who created Marty, his reaction to humans, where his people are in the universe, what he found out about the past, and more.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Alan Wallach is a retired computer consultant with a strong background in science and math. Previously, he’s written a computer column for the Sunday Berkshire Eagel in western Massachusetts and two technical novels for non-technical readers The Year 2000 Hoax, debunking the fear mongers. Alan now writes mostly fiction full time. His desire to get his 10-year-old grandson to read sparked his beginnings into the fiction genre and the end result was The Kieran Adventure’s, a series consisting of four very popular books for young readers ten to fourteen.


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