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Quantum Works in Collaboration with One Pixel Brush

Glasgow, Scotland, 3 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Quantum Works, a studio blending AAA gaming and cryptocurrencies, has partnered with One Pixel Brush creating a truly dynamic alliance. With Shaddy at the helm, the experience and artistic expertise of his team will no doubt see this project create one of a kind game play. One Pixel Brush is noted for their immersive track record creating worlds that are visually stunning and stay with you long after you have finished playing.  With previous clients such as Ubisoft, Infinity Ward, Naughty Dog, and Respawn. It’s no wonder we are expecting to see great things. 

Quantum Works have brought on Pixel’s founder Shaddy Safadi, as consulting art director for the project he brings along a wealth of knowledge and experience in AAA games. You will no doubt recognise some of his previous works which include award winning titles like The Last Of Us, Call Of Duty, Uncharted 4 and many others. 

Quantum Works, creating Project Quantum.

The Studio was developed in 2021 by Fraser Gordon, he noticed a niche and the market, an opportunity to create a AAA gaming Studio and title funded by its BEP20 token QBIT.  Integrated onto the Binance blockchain Quantum’s digital currency funded the seed money needed to open the studio through its presale alone, raising over $1 million in less than a second. Their first AAA title known as Project Quantum will be developed over the next 3 years. 

Quantum Works hopes to build a fair in-game system that uses its cryptocurrency as a real-world asset and makes in-game purchases and trades flow seamlessly from player to avatar. Users can earn by crafting items to trade for QBIT that they can then take out of the game and spend in real life. Quantum will also have high stakes PVP tournaments where participants can expect to find, win and steal high cash prizes, on a scale that is truly out of this world!

Project Quantum’s seemingly simple plot with have players look for artifacts and alien technology to reveal unknown secrets. Every item is valuable and everything you gain can be lost meaning you must choose your team carefully if you want to reap the massive in game rewards.

The native token, which has a total minted amount of 1 trillion, will be represented by the ticker QBIT. We believe this game will coin a new generation of “crypto gamers” eager to prove they have what it takes to survive.

Bonus Rewards for New Users

The first 5,000 users to sign up on the website and purchase its token have the chance to acquire one of a kind gaming items and early access to the beta version of the game.

  •          A random legendary item for the first 1000 people
  •          Diamond Hand Cosmetic enhancements for the first 200 users.
  •         A Diamond armor emblem for the first 4000 people
  •         Early Beta Access for the first 2,000 people
  •          A Diamond Weapon Detail for the first 3000 users

Quantum Works is a company we will be watching closely over the coming months. 

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Fraser Gordon
Quantum Works

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