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QuickSwap: A Severely Underestimated DEX

INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, 23 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Since QUICK listed on LBank on May 8, the price has soared up over 35-fold at the peak, attracting large amounts of active users. With the expansion of the Polygon ecosystem and user base at sight, QUICK is expected to perform well in the future.

LBank QuickSwap

AMM DEX  is inseparable for DeFi 

AMM DEX, as the infrastructure of public chains, has become the most important part of the DeFi ecosystem, as catch phrases like “roads come first before wealth” and “AMM DEX first before ecosystem” prevail. The fact is that the vigorous development of various DeFi ecosystems always coincides with the rapid growth of AMM DEX, be it Uniswap on Ethereum or PancakeSwap on BSC, with the growth covering TVL, transaction volume and active users.

In the past two months, the fastest-growing trading ecosystem is undoubtedly Polygon, which has achieved exponential growth with the support from a strong team made up of Matic’s original members and the endorsement of the Ethereum community. With Polygon blazing the trail, QuickSwap, the NO.1 player in Polygon, also embraces rapid growth in TVL and transaction volume.

LBank QuickSwap 1

QuickSwap TVL and trading volume growth (the abnormality shown above is due to Mark Cuban calling for a pump-up)

Growth in QuickSwap transaction volume and trading users

The following data shows why QuickSwap is severely underestimated.

Market cap here means the circulating market value with billions as the unit.

Both TVL and trading volume are important indicators to evaluate the size and purchasing power of AMM DEX users.  If the market cap goes down, and TVL and trading volume go up, it means the potential of a project is great with strong prospects of future growth. That is to say, the larger the value of TVL/MC (TVL to market cap ratio) and Vol/MC (volume to market cap ratio), as shown in the table, the more promising a project is. What we can also see is that QuickSwap’s TVL/MC and Vol/MC are much higher than those of others, meaning the future potential is predictably strong.

What are the driving forces of QUICK token?

QuickSwap, a project with great prospects, also found its market cap inseparably linked to the broader market. The bullish or bearish nature of the crypto market led by BTC, or the development of Polygon all constitute as important factors that can impact Quick.

The 5.19 SLUMP caught almost all ecosystems off guard, with some particularly hard hits which resulted in market value evaporation. Polygon, as the “The Swiss Army Knife of Ethereum Scaling”, managed to buck the trend and even secured further expansion for itself, winning widespread support from mainstream applications such as Opensea, Aave, Sushiswap, Curve and 1inch etc. Polygon SDK provides a fast-track framework for other multi-chain projects, further transforming Ethereum to a matured multi-chain system. Furthermore, Polygon does not stop at funds and user base, but strives to unlock imaginations for the future, and with QuickSwap as its infrastructure, the future holds predictably promising for both.

In addition to basic DEX functions like smooth operation procedure and low gas fee, QuickSwap will incorporate new features like IDO, platform governance, etc. to enhance the experience. Meanwhile QUICK token will empower and reinforce these functions.

Risks associated with policy making or a trust crisis in “traditional finance” are all proven to be fertile ground for AMM DEX growth. QuickSwap is expected to lead the pack in the next wave of DEX.

NFT layout

The meteoric rise to fame of NFT has seen the token price of Axie Infinity steadily climb, with Crypto Blades, a rising star, also embracing eye-catching performance, and the concept of Metaverse increasingly catching people’s attention. Facing such a heated market, QuickSwap also gains its foothold without lagging behind.

QuickSwap has released the limited edition of its certified NFTs and trading cards. QUICK, as the native utility token, can be used to purchase NFT works. More NFT functions and operation models will be announced in the future. By then, it is believed that NFT will have become the new engine of the QuickSwap platform.

Since QUICK listed on LBank on May 8, the price has soared up over 35-fold at the peak, attracting large amounts of active users. With the expansion of the Polygon ecosystem and user base at sight, QUICK is expected to perform well in the future.

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