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Real Time Day Trading Education: Professional Live Streaming Events Announced

The upcoming streams offer a chance to watch successful professionals trade the markets and apply their strategies in real. During the events, the team will share their screens and provide a running commentary, allowing members to gain a unique insight into the practices of top day traders.

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MIC’s recent announcement builds on the platform’s successful education model, which focuses on offering unlimited 1-on-1 mentorship to help beginners learn new skills more quickly. The community also hosts an extensive library of on-demand training videos, along with a 24/7 chat room that now has over 2,000 active participants.

In order to be considered successful, day traders must be profitable over an extended period of time, requiring consistently accurate decisions. An eight-year study from CXO Advisory Group found that some of the most successful traders made correct calls between 60% and 70% of the time, with the average individual only reaching approximately 20% accuracy.

As the founders of MIC explain, many beginners fail due to lack of education and/or sophisticated strategies, and the new live streams are designed to help address those shortcomings. The team has developed sophisticated processes over many years, and platform members now have an opportunity to observe how those techniques are applied in real time.

“It took us a combined 15 years of trial and error and tens of thousands in tuition (losses) paid to the market before finding consistency,” the company’s founders explained. “When we first started, we wished there was someone to help us. We created MIC to help new traders and struggling traders find success, and ultimately, total financial freedom.”

About MIC

Community cofounders Bao Nguyen and Alex Temiz are verified millionaire day traders, will individual single-day trading records of $1.4 million and $660,000, respectively. Since establishing MIC in 2018, the team has seen the platform grow to include thousands of members from locations all around the world.

“I’m still a newbie, but I studied MIC’s materials really hard, and it’s finally paying off,” one member recently stated. “I’ve just had my first four-figure day, and my best trading day ever. A big than you to Alex and Bao for creating MIC. I don’t know where I’d be without this amazing education service”

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