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Region-Specific Datasets With Insights From Europe For B2B Businesses Announced

Recognizing that most data vendors don’t cater to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, LeadGenius is now offering smarter and more actionable insights for businesses across sectors globally through Flow. Personalized data sets provided by the software allow for more precision in prospecting and lead generation, enhancing sales team productivity and improving conversion.

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Through Flow, companies can now access industry-specific datasets, higher degrees of personalization, and on-demand sourcing. These in turn allow B2B sales and marketing teams to access better insights that lead to more informed decision-making.

For many B2B companies, the lead generation process can be frustrating and inefficient. Sales and marketing teams can struggle to obtain quality, personalized data sets on their target accounts, and as a result, outbound campaigns may fail to engage prospects in a meaningful way.

Flow will allow them to source precision buyer intent data on demand that is unique to each customer. By leveraging advanced technological capabilities and human expertise, LeadGenius enriches customer data with contacts, insights, and real-time signals that are not found in traditional contact databases. This enables a greater degree of personalization and relevance.

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Flow also provides account insights that illuminate trends, triggers, and events that indicate sales opportunities, empowering sales teams to have more context for outreach and allowing marketing to better attract and convert ready-to-buy accounts.

Moreover, users can get ongoing contact and account monitoring, with alerts that notify them of important changes and events in real-time. This allows sales and marketing professionals to engage prospects at the optimal moment, connecting on a more personal level when interest and readiness to buy are highest.

LeadGenius explains that, with Flow, lead prioritization and outreach become more efficient and effective. In one recent case study, the team provided enriched buyer committees across all top accounts for Salesforce globally. This allowed Salesforce to execute targeted ABM campaigns successfully, as over 80% of their accounts previously lacked enough contact coverage.

A spokesperson states: “What if you could take the same data everyone else has and personalize it with smarter and more actionable insights that your competitors don’t have? What if that meant less searching and more selling?”

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