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Retiree Business Advice – Supplemental Employment Opportunities Report Launched

Crucial Constructs, a specialist in online training courses for entrepreneurs and remote workers, has launched a new report suggesting a number of job opportunities for retirees.

The new report can be found at:

As an increasing number of people discover that they are financially unprepared for retirement, the recent report describes 25 part-time roles that are not age-restricted.

According to a survey by TD Ameritrade, almost 50% of Americans believe that cost of living is the greatest threat to their financial security and long-term investments. With ever-increasing prices for essentials such as food, housing, education, and medical care, many retirees are finding that their pension planning falls short.

The new report from Crucial Constructs advises that, with a small amount of entrepreneurial spirit, seniors can supplement their retirement income with a number of creative ideas.

To begin with, the report explains that even though someone has reached retirement age, their skills and expertise may still be valued by many companies. Temping agencies can be a good starting point to look for suitable part-time employment in the area.

Many physicians advise that seniors should remain active and exercise can also be a great way to promote mental health in retirement. The new report suggests that starting a dog walking business is an ideal way to create a supplemental income source whilst getting out and about.

For those who really enjoy the company of animals but aren’t enthusiastic about dog-walking, Crucial Constructs indicates that pet-sitters are in high demand. Creating a pet-sitting business, or combining it with a dog-walking service, is another relatively stress-free business idea for retirees.

The new report also makes mention of the growing house-sitting industry, for those who like the idea of sitting minus the pets.

The above outlines the first 4 suggestions contained within the Crucial Constructs’ recent report, which continues to provide a further 21 suggestions for retirement income.

Crucial Constructs publish regular reports and articles, such as that described here, in addition to comprehensive training programs for those wishing to establish online businesses.

A company representative stated: “Our education and training can absolutely help you to build a real, honest, and ethical business, so that you can have life the lifestyle that you desire.”

Interested parties can read the report by visiting:

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