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Roberto Coin Pois Moi Luna Buyer

Looking for the best Roberto Coin Pois Moi Luna buyer there is? At Sell Us Your Jewelry, we know how the Roberto Coin bling has a simple, linear design with ultra-modern appeal. The pieces take their cues from pattern and texture, with the shape reminiscent of 1950s TV monitors. A perfect combination of modern design and vintage sensibility.

About the Pois Moi Luna

Roberto Coin has made history as a daring innovator. A creative genius, he turned a childhood dream into a career, fuelled by a passion for fashion and an entrepreneurial spirit. He was sent to boarding school in Switzerland after losing his parents at a young age. There, he studied the hotel trade, becoming one of the youngest hoteliers in Europe (at the age of 24). He worked in Guernsey in the Channel Islands and several European countries before selling his hotel and using the proceeds to change careers at the age of 32. He is both a testament to following one’s dreams and perseverance.

For Roberto, the original Roberto Coin Pois Moi Luna buyer and seller, the term “pois moi” refers to dots or dimples. His Pois Moi collection features beautiful indentations on the surface of the jewelry. The concave dots are polished by hand and reflect a lot of light. The shape of the original Pois Moi bracelet is reminiscent of a vintage television set. This unique silhouette keeps the bracelet from spinning and rolling on your wrist, so the diamonds are always facing up. The Pois Moi Luna pieces are reminiscent of the moon and recreate its characteristic uneven surface.

Roberto Coin jewelry blends the fantastic with innovation, creative, exuberance and sensitivity. The distinctive brand is noted for its excellent workmanship in joyous jewelry, inspired by the joy of life itself! Nature is one of Roberto Coin’s greatest inspirations, and the work exudes his respect for and fascination of the animal world. But it may be his birthplace – Italy – that most inspires the man and the designer. As he said: “Italians were the original architects, artists, painters; we designed the jewels for the monarchs.”

Every polished diamond used in Roberto Coin jewelry are purchased from legitimate sources that subscribe to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and the System of Warranties. All of them are from conflict-free areas.

More than 600 models for the most sought-after collections are produced each year, serving clients in Europe, Asia, North American and South America at more than 800 points of sale in 53 countries.

Why Sell Us Your Jewelry | Roberto Coin Pois Moi Luna buyer

Whether you know it as Pois Moi or just Roberto Coin, the brand has been highly acclaimed for its dedication to inventiveness and stunning craftsmanship. To put it simply, their extravagant pieces are timeless, and our teams at Sell Us Your Jewelry, the best Roberto Coin Pois Moi Luna buyer, know how to value that. While it’s hard to put a price on sentimental value, the team at has offered competitive prices to those looking to sell Roberto Coin jewelry since forever, and our firm plans on keeping the Roberto Coin Pois Moi Luna buyer title to ourselves for the foreseeable future.