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Roseville Disability Insurance For Agriculture Executives, Service Update

The newly available plan is especially geared toward executives in the agricultural sector, one of the most challenging posts in the corporate world. Ornellas Insurance CEO, Helen Ornellas, says the C-suite package gives employers a distinct edge because it covers not just senior leaders themselves but also their families.

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This recently added coverage plan ensures that executives have a financial safety net in the event of death or disability, as well as ample income in their retirement. Moreover, the insurance agency can help businesses create custom insurance plans that cover everything from buy/sell agreements to key personnel protection.

As experts have noted, there is a “rural brain drain” happening in the country. Given that more and more skilled individuals leave agricultural regions and move to urban areas, incentivizing executives to remain has never been more important.

Ornellas Insurance provides businesses with an attractive tool that helps them accomplish this goal. Furthermore, since insurance plans are only vested in the event of death or disability, they are a cost-effective incentive.

The multi-life policies offered by the agency provide a number of benefits, such as lower premiums, convenience, and flexibility. Additionally, policyholders only have to transact with one insurance company, which can simplify the application and claims process.

Ornellas adds that the executive benefits available can help businesses manage risk by transferring death or disability benefits to an insurance company. This can protect their bottom line should an untoward event come to pass.

“Executive benefits are a win-win for businesses and executives. Businesses can protect their finances and executives can ensure their families are financially secure. It’s a wise investment for any company,” adds Ornellas.


With over 20 years of experience, Ornellas & Associates are specialists in helping individuals and businesses find the right coverage. The team takes the time to understand clients’ needs and match them with the right insurer, giving them the confidence they need to face the future.

Interested parties may visit to learn more about the agency and its executive insurance plans.

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