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SEO Product Description Creation – Ecommerce Digital Marketing Service Launched

Crucial Constructs, a company based in Austin, Texas that specializes in SEO and digital marketing, has launched a product description creation service.

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The recently launched service is best suited to eCommerce businesses who want to improve their SEO and increase their Google search ranking. As part of the service, a team of marketing experts creates detailed product descriptions that are optimized for Google and help to improve the company’s paid and organic search traffic.

To write each product description, the team conducts keyword research and selects the most effective keywords to improve SEO. Once the selection has been done, the team creates detailed descriptions that utilize these keywords most effectively. They also focus on including useful and reliable information in each description that is more likely to lead to a sale.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “If a business wants their online store to make a difference and manage to sell twice as many products as their main competitors, they will have to make an effort to use detailed descriptions full of useful information that will help the consumer decide if that product is the one they are looking for.”

As part of the launch, the company also includes real testimonials and reviews of each product or service. Doing so helps each product to receive higher levels of organic search traffic and can differentiate the company’s products and services from similar items available elsewhere on the internet.

By using these strategies the company says visitors are likely to stay longer on the website and are also more likely to make a purchase. Clients can expect to generate twice as much traffic as other similar pages.

Crucial Constructs provides search engine optimization services that are tailored toward eCommerce brands. As well as providing SEO and digital marketing services, they also offer several educational resources for businesses, including training programs, such as the Crucial Constructs Academy, Home Business Training sessions, Business Branding courses, and more.

For more information, interested parties can visit

Crucial Constructs
Crucial Constructs

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