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SPARK Microsystems Joins Global Semiconductor Alliance

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SPARK Microsystems, a Canadian fabless semiconductor company specializing in next-generation short-range wireless communications, announced today that it has officially become a member of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the voice of the global semiconductor industry. This affiliation signifies SPARKs commitment to driving innovation, fostering technology adoption, and addressing industry-wide challenges collaboratively.

"GSA is an important catalyst in building collaboration within the worldwide semiconductor ecosystem. Said Fares Mubarak, CEO, SPARK Microsystems. Becoming a member enables SPARK, with its specific focus on sustainability, to make important contributions to the semiconductor community who share our passion for innovation, collaboration, and technology advancement.

SPARK Microsystems is at the forefront of short-range wireless technology. The companys wireless transceivers leverage the ultra-wideband spectrum to dramatically reduce energy consumption for connected devices while delivering the high-data rates and low latency synonymous with wired connections without the wires. From gaming to IoT applications, these performance attributes are essential for enabling the next generation of wireless connected mobile devices and sensors optimized for high energy efficiency.

"The Global Semiconductor Alliance is delighted to welcome SPARK Microsystems into our network of innovative technology companies," said Jodi Shelton, CEO of the GSA. "SPARK's unique solutions in high performance, low power short-range wireless technology, its commitment to efficiency and sustainability, and its drive for innovative excellence makes the company an ideal addition to our alliance. We look forward to working with SPARKs team to shape the future of the semiconductor industry."

The GSA offers SPARK an international platform to showcase its technology and contribute to the global dialogue around semiconductor challenges and opportunities. The GSA represents over 25 countries and 250 corporate members, including 100 public companies. As a result of its unique, neutral platform, GSA membership ranges from the most exciting, emerging companies to semiconductor industry stalwarts and technology leaders. Its members represent 70% of the $450B plus semiconductor industry. By partnering with the GSA, SPARK will have an opportunity to collaborate with these industry leaders and influence the direction of the semiconductor industry on a global scale.

About SPARK Microsystems

SPARK Microsystems is building next generation short-range wireless communication devices. SPARK provides high data rate and very low latency wireless communication links at an ultra-low power profile, making it ideal for personal area networks (PANs) used in mobile, consumer and IoT-connected products. Leveraging patented technologies, SPARK Microsystems strives to minimize and ultimately eliminate wires and batteries from a wide range of applications while delivering a wired-like performance. For more information, please visit

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