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St Petersburg, FL Sex Trafficking Law Firm, Representation Of Survivors Launched

Abuse Guardian is part of the National Crime Victim Bar Association, and their attorneys are known as leaders in the filing of civil suits against sex traffickers and complicit individuals and organizations. Mike Haggard was recently appointed as the dedicated sexual abuse attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida, and he is proud to be helping survivors sue the people that have trafficked and abused them.

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Abuse Guardian believes many victims of sex trafficking do not know that they can sue their abusers and file a civil claim against them, separate from any criminal proceedings. They also understand that many trafficking victims feel disenfranchised and alienated by the miscarriages of justice that they have been subjected to, and may therefore be reticent to pursue their case in court.

That’s why Abuse Guardian wants victims to know Mike Haggard can now offer them completely dedicated legal representation, and is highly aware of both national and state legislation and all common law precedents. As all Abuse Guardian attorneys, Mike Haggard can support both the emotional and legal needs of his clients throughout the civil claim process.

Mike Haggard works with the survivors of sex trafficking regardless of whether a criminal case has been brought forward, and he can help victims to both report and sue their abusers. In a civil litigation suit, survivors can seek damages for emotional distress and for all other injuries.

Mike Haggard believes all sex trafficking victims deserve restitution and compensation, and he is dedicated to ensuring success in court or through settlement.

Abuse Guardian is an alliance of sexual abuse attorneys with representatives throughout the United States, committed to upholding a high success rate and to providing true justice to trafficking survivors.

Abuse Guardian said, “If you or someone you know has been victimized by human or sex trafficking in Florida, Mike Haggard is here to help you file human trafficking charges against the trafficker. Our experienced team of attorneys provides compassionate legal representation that prioritizes your needs and interests above all else. Contact Mike or Abuse Guardians today to learn more about how we can assist you in seeking justice and healing from this traumatic experience.”

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