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Tematica Research “had a very strong first half of the year”

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Tematica Research Head of Indexing Mark Abssy joins Thomas Warner from Proactive ahead of the release of Tematica's latest Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity report.

Abssy gives an overview of where his focus is going to be for the rest of the calendar year, noting that he'll be working with HANetf to promote the Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity UCITS ETF.

He goes on to reiterate the USP of the fund, which is that it gives investors exposure to tech through the digital connectivity and infrastructure that underpins the sector rather than through tech companies per se.

He notes that the index stands out by only including companies deriving at least 80% of revenue from digital infrastructure and connectivity, which precludes some big players like Amazon. He says the team is "really looking for those companies that truly represent in a very focused way what the strategy is."

He highlights the success of their approach, saying that the fund "had a very strong first half of teh year" and emphasising that thematic investing requires targeted exposure. He also touches on recent shifts in market sentiment, pointing out a broader participation in top contributors, indicating a return to fundamentals.

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