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The leader in the field of OX FLY distributed storage

OX FLY aims to create an all-round and three-dimensional expansion of the fan ecosystem, explore a decentralized autonomous consensus, and open the entire network to help the consensus of the IPFS ecology and the Polkadot ecological mining circle.

The main body uses the reverse ranking and distribution algorithm to complete the community expansion, integrates the pledge computing power, and synthesizes the mining sector. Fans can make the computing power multiplied by the method of different periodic flow properties; it has the freedom of entry and exit, deflation destruction, and scarce circulation. , Multiple income and other characteristics; will also introduce tuyere-type decentralized contract algorithm aggregation closed loop.

OX FLY aggregates ecologically rich smart contract scenes to realize community fan circles and cross-chain fan circles, and promote fan consensus and traffic consensus among various chains, and multi-chain multi-dimensional ecological logic circulation symbiosis.

OX FLY will combine pledge, physical mining machine custody, and cloud computing power mechanism to make the circle tender into the ground mining profitability. In the future, OX FLY will fully develop ground applications to integrate financial payments, contracts, defi, blockchain games and entertainment. The combination of, mining machines, etc. leads the trend of the times. The future is here, and OX FLY is about to explode. We will wait and see!