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The Listed Company Chunshuitang has the Sole Agency for the Swedish Women’s Brand Vågorna, Focusing on Female Private Parts Care

People have various misunderstandings about caring women’s private parts. Some people think that there is no need to pay attention to private parts health before marriage or when there is no sex life. Some people think that “The more frequently you wash, the healthier you will be.” Since women’s private parts are delicate and complicated, improper care may increase the risk of infection. Proper private parts care is very important. The Swedish brand Vågorna, which is exclusively distributed by Chunshuitang, is a hot seller on Tmall flagship stores and can help women get out of the misconceptions about private parts care.

Misunderstanding 1: The more frequently you wash, the healthier you will be.

The environment of a woman’s private parts is not sterile. There are many kinds of microbial communities, such as Lactobacillus and so on. Some of the private-area lotions on the market are overly sterilizing. They have a one-size-fits-all approach to colonization that causes an imbalance in private colonization, and can even cause colonization to become resistant to drugs, making inflammation recurring.

Vågorna allows the gel to work in the female private parts area by entering the vagina. The active ingredient of Vågorna for emergency use is protease, an antiseptic substance secreted by the body. It kills the inflammatory colonies but does not create resistance. The ingredient of Vågorna for daily use is mussel mucin, which repairs mucous membranes and improves immunity. A balanced colony is what makes the immune system improve, which is the key to maintaining a healthy private parts.

Misunderstanding 2: Inflammation can be solved once and for all.

Most girls suffer from recurrent inflammation. In this case, killing the germs is only a temporary solution. The Swedish brand Vågorna, which is exclusively distributed by Chunshuitang, has changed from a purely bactericidal solution to a “bactericidal + mucosal repair” solution.

The first step is to kill the harmful germs and the second step is to repair the vaginal mucosa with mussel mucin. Both treatment and building immunity are important to achieve non-recurrence of inflammation. The two-pronged approach in Vågorna builds long-term protection of the private parts by increasing the self-cleaning capacity of the mucous membranes.

Misunderstanding 3: Problems can be treated even when things go really wrong.

It is important to note that inflammation of the private parts is actually quite common in the female population, with more than 70% of adult women having experienced vaginal inflammation. Since many women do not pay attention to these problems, they end up causing serious gynecological problems. In fact, vaginitis can be effectively avoided with proper daily care. It is well worthwhile to spend a little more attention on private parts care on a daily basis than the various discomforts women experience after inflammation.

Vågorna has launched a daily repair gel. One gel for three days can help build a healthy barrier for women’s private parts, or use it after menstruation to avoid the negative effects of menstrual secretions on the vaginal environment. It is important to pay attention to the health of women’s private parts and prevent them from getting into trouble.

It is reported that Chunshuitang Tmall flagship store hot Vågorna private care gel core ingredients mussel mucin has won the international invention patent. vågorna core ingredients mussel mucin in antibacterial, antioxidant, restore the glandular secretion capacity of the role has been clinically proven to be effective in maintaining and restoring the health of the private parts.

A true understanding of women’s private parts care and a more active focus on women’s private parts health is essential for every woman.