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The Meme Coin Hype: Is Blinky Bob a Good Investment Option?

Liverpool, UK, 16 May 2021ZEXPRWIRE, The idea of meme coins has been growing vastly in the crypto world, with new projects coming up. According to coinmarketcap, meme coins have a total market capitalization of over 80 billion and an average daily trading volume of about 17 billion. There are about 59 meme coins listed in the coinmarketcap platform. 

Dogecoin, for instance, is a meme coin which has proven to be a great investment option for small investors. Currently, this coin has a market cap of about $67 billion, beating Cardano and Bitcoin cash. Other great meme coins include Dogelon, Shiba Inu, Safe moon, and Hoge.  

Most of these coins have proven to be excellent investment options with super high returns. The Twitter community has on various occasions praised the upcoming meme coins for their investment prospects. In some cases, investors have been able to get profits of over 100%. 

There is much hype behind the meme coins, and as such, it’s expected that these coins will grow faster than ever. 

A big chunk of the Twitter community has been vastly following the Dogelon meme coin, leading to an increase in meme coin market cap. Elon Musk has also been a great participant in the recent growth of meme coins like doge coins and other upcoming ones. 

One of the recently introduced meme coins, known as Blinky Bob finance, has been taking the crypto market by storm by introducing great opportunities to earn incomes. 


Blinky Bob finance is a recently introduced meme token designed to help crypto investors maximize their incomes. Blinky Bob, like other meme coins, is leveraging the popularity of Blinky Bob related memes. 

Blinky Bob is a musician who has had a successful career in the music production industry. By using Blinky Bob memes and names, the coin will gain fast traction. is based on the Binance smart chain and aims to provide services to users at very affordable costs. Transactions are also completed fast owing to the power of the Binance smart blockchain.

This platform has social media channels where they regularly update users about the Blinky token’s performance.’s Twitter page is still new, but as Blinky increases in usage and adoption, this page will be very active.  

Additionally, Blinky Bob has a Telegram channel opened for the community as an update center. You can follow these pages and be part of the excellent experience involving the growth and development of Blinky Bob finance. 

The Blinky Token native token is called Blinky. This token is the main center of service provision in the Blinkybob network. It leverages the BEP-20 token format; thus, it uses the smart contracts based on the Binance smart chain. 

The token has, since launch, seen an excellent performance, including fast adoption. Blinky is currently trading at around $0.000002214 and the values are continually rising. Consequently, the liquidity of the Blinky token is about $446,119.78, with a trading volume of about $1.43 million. 

Even more details, the number of Blinky token holders is currently around 2769. The Dextools analytics tools also show that about 60% of the community supports the project, while about 40% is not for the project. Where can you buy these tokens?

These tokens are listed in the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange platform. provides a direct link from their web page to the tokens purchase page. 

Once you follow the link, you will be directed to PancakeSwap where you can easily purchase the token. Due to the simplicity of PancakeSwap, you can buy the tokens with just a few steps. 

Is Here to Stay?

Currently, the idea of meme coins is to help upcoming and experienced investors maximize profits within a short period of time. However, one question has always been, are meme coins here to stay? Or are they just a financial bubble? Although meme coins have high investment prospects, most of them lack utility. Dogecoin, which is currently at the top ten best-performing assets, does not have any real word utility. 

Can meme coins really survive long in the crypto market? The short answer is yes. However, proper policies must be set up to protect the tokens and ensure they always have value for sustainability purposes. 

Blinky’s choice of the Binance smart chain makes this token highly reliable. As time goes by Blinky Bob will gain more utility in the Defi ecosystem and ultimately survive in crypto. 

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