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Troy Young to release Book on Financial Planning for African American Women

June 15, 2021 – Doug Crowe was recently interviewed by Thomas Green on his podcast, Thomas Green Podcast by Ethical Marketing Services. Go to to listen to the Podcast.

Green’s show features entrepreneurs, asking them candid and self-revealing questions that bring out the best (and worst) slice of life experiences.

Crowe is the founder of Author Your Brand, a ghostwriting and publishing agency that has been helping C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and speakers become #1 bestselling authors without them having to write a word.

With over 275 No. 1 Best-Selling Authors on Amazon, it doesn’t look like Doug’s company is showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

According to Crowe, “Books don’t make money” but incremental speaking gigs, consulting contracts, and digital courses are the main drivers of revenue for entrepreneurial authors. His author-clients have the potential to realize significant revenue because of, not directly from, their book.

Recently, Crowe transformed his agency into a multimedia powerhouse by leveraging his authors’ connectivity by building online communities and active outreach to executives from the world’s fastest growing, privately-held and public corporations.

Crowe revealed on the podcast that people are not interested in just reading books but rather they have an interest in being part of thought communities that they can relate to.

Crowe and his team convert an author’s published book into thought leadership courses and curriculum to further the impact an author makes to his readers.

Creating multi-media curriculum for leaders is nothing new for Crowe. In 2001, he had founded a real estate program for investors. The course he created had custom manuals that were designed for each students’ personality and goals.

His success prepared him for mentoring authors to build their brand in course creation. Typical multimedia projects like these combine websites, email sequences, and social media for communities to come together.

For Crowe, publishing a book is not the end, but the beginning for any influencer or leader. It is the beginning of the relationship with the author’s audience. Crowe’s mission believes a book should make a positive impact on the future. It’s not just about making money. It’s about making a difference in society.

Should people consider the long arduous process of publishing a book? The process of writing, publishing, and marketing is impossible to do alone.

According to Crowe, however, everyone has the potential to make an impact. Making the commitment to do so requires a bit more. To learn more about Doug and his team visit his website:

Authority Fusion, Inc.
Authority Fusion, Inc.
848 N Rainbow Blvd
Suite 807
Las Vegas
United States

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