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Union, NJ Portable Nightclub Rental With Strobe Lighting & Smoke Machine Launch

Instant Party’s new mobile nightclub tents provide a safe venue for customers to host a wide range of events from their patios without incurring damage or mess inside their homes.

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The recently launched portable nightclubs can accommodate between 35-40 adults and come equipped with strobe lighting to create a sense of energy and excitement on the dance floor. Also included is a Bluetooth PA speaker for optimal sound quality and a smoke machine for enhanced atmosphere and lighting effects.

According to a Medium report, the Average American hosts around 7 parties a year. Organizers spend almost $200 per party on alcohol, food, and decorations, and approximately 4 hours setting up and cleaning up after an event.

Whether it is for a birthday, wedding party, family event, or other private function, Instant Party’s rental service is designed to streamline the event hosting process and provide a distinctive and memorable entertainment experience. “Live the best party and the best experience without leaving home”, said a spokesperson, “but also without running the risk of your home becoming a complete disaster.”

Instant Party’s portable nightclubs can be customized to suit customers’ needs and preferences. Additions include a red carpet entrance – a tradition that for centuries has been synonymous with high-profile occasions such as movie premiers, award shows, and VIP events. Customers can also add air conditioning or heating depending on the climate. Further personalization requests can be discussed with the company.

Quick and easy to install, Instant Party’s tents are set up one hour before the start of an event and removed on the morning of the following day. Their dimensions measure 19.6′ x 17.9′ x 13.1′ (5.9 x 5.4 x 4 meters).

Instant Party provides mobile event structures for customers throughout New Jersey. A gallery of the company’s projects can be viewed on the website.

A spokesperson said: “You’re one click away from having your own nightclub party in your home venue. It’s safer than leaving your home and more entertaining.”

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Instant Party
+1 908 258 5629
347 Marion Street

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