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Urgent Call for Help as Toddler Noah Battles Life-Threatening Health Crisis

Spain, 27th Aug 2023, King NewsWire The family of 2-year-old Noah is desperately seeking help for their beloved toddler who is very sick. It all started with a common cold, but now Noah’s health is in serious danger, and she has trouble breathing. Doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong, even after many tests, including COVID-19 checks.

Noah has had to undergo tough medical procedures like Bronchoscopy and CT Scans, and her family is trying everything they can to find the right treatment.

To make things worse, Noah has also developed kidney problems from other infections, which makes her treatment even more complicated. Her mom, Maria, had to quit her job to take care of her and now works freelance gigs to support the family.

The family’s message is simple: they need your help. Donations to Noah’s fundraiser will go towards trying different medical treatments that could save her life. They’re asking the community to share Noah’s story to reduce the financial burden on Maria’s family.

A close family friend, Francisco Puebla, says, “We’re all coming together in this tough time, hoping that your kindness will help Noah get better. Your support means everything to us.”

You can contribute to Noah’s cause on GoFundMe at this website: They’re asking for help from people all over the world.

For media inquiries, you can contact Francisco Puebla at or visit this website:

Noah’s health crisis knows no borders, and they’re asking the international community to join in supporting her recovery.

Noah and Maria’s friends and family are incredibly thankful for the support they’ve received and are hoping for a brighter, healthier future for their brave little toddler.

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