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US Online Generic Pharmacy – Vaniqa Alternative Eflornithine Cream Launched

Offshore Drug Mart, an online pharmacy specializing in affordable prescription and over-the-counter products, has launched a generic alternative to Vaniqa facial hair cream.

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Containing 13.9% of the active ingredient eflornithine, the recently launched product provides customers with a cost-effective facial hair treatment for women.

Suitable only for unwanted facial hair on the face and under the chin, eflornithine works by blocking natural enzymes in the skin that are needed for hair growth. The medication slows the growth of hair and can also cause hair to become finer and lighter, rather than removing hair entirely or causing it to fall out.

With eflornithine-containing products shown to have a significant improvement in unwanted facial hair for up to 70% of women, the new cream from Offshore Drug Mart can help users to control unsightly hair growth and regain their confidence and self-esteem.

While not a permanent hair removal method, users of eflornithine-containing products experience very positive results. It has also been reported that users of eflornithine spend less time on facial hair removal methods such as shaving and/or plucking.

Those considering the use of the new cream should always do so in consultation with a doctor, as unwanted facial hair growth can indicate an underlying condition that requires further investigation.

As with many products in the Offshore Drug Mart range, the new cream is dispensed through pharmaceutical partners in India, who have met governmental regulatory licensing standards in that country. All products undergo a 3-layer inspection process prior to dispatch.

Offshore Drug Mart was established to provide clients in the US with access to high-quality medications at affordable prices. Clients are able to order products online or over the phone and the items will be sent in the mail. The company maintains a strict policy of discretion for all clients.

A company representative stated: “By working in collaboration with international pharmacies, we are able to offer a wider range of brand name and generic medications at extremely competitive prices. All of our international pharmacy partners are licensed by their governmental regulatory bodies.”

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Offshore Drug Mart
Offshore Drug Mart


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