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Will Floersheimer: The Value of Volunteers at The Lord’s Place

Florida, USA, 19th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE Working in the non-profit world can be incredibly challenging due to a scarcity of resources, which, in turn, limit the implementation of new initiatives. This is why volunteers are such a crucial component of non-profit organizations. Volunteers are individuals that recognize the importance of the work being done and are willing to donate their own time and effort to further the goals of the organizations where they serve. The Lord’s Place is one such organization.

The Lord’s Place seeks to work toward combatting homelessness in the Southern Florida area. The Lord’s Place has been operating for over 40 years. Over that time, they have developed a multi-pronged strategy to help serve Florida’s homeless population, which is divided into seven categories. This includes arranging for safe and affordable housing, providing job training and employment opportunities, building a relationship with those currently on the street, providing healthcare services, assisting with reentry after incarceration, providing a variety of youth services to mentor and tutor children, and engaging in social enterprises. The Lord’s Place presently has two social enterprises: Joshua Catering and Joshua Thrift. These facilities allow clients of The Lord’s Place to gain the real-world work experience they might otherwise be unable to access. The ultimate goal of The Lord’s Place is to help people transition from living in a state of homelessness to becoming entirely self-sufficient, empowering them to achieve success in their lives.

All of this hard work requires a dedicated team of staff members and resources to run effectively. That is where volunteers become essential. By volunteering at The Lord’s Place, individuals help them provide all of the above services and accomplish their goals. One particular area that is always open to volunteers is Joshua Thrift. Joshua Thrift is a network of thrift stores specifically created to provide jobs to those who would usually encounter barriers to employment. All the items sold at Joshua Thrift are donated by the people of South Florida, and the profits go towards sustaining the various initiatives of The Lord’s Place. By working at Joshua Thrift, clients of The Lord’s Place are taught extremely important job skills that can empower them to seek employment in the field of their choice later on. Many of those that work at Joshua Thrift have backgrounds of homelessness, incarceration, or abuse. Volunteers at Joshua Thrift are invaluable, where they assist in the teaching of those skills one step at a time.

Will Floersheimer is one such volunteer, and he was recently given the opportunity to participate in the auction for The Lord’s Place Joshua Thrift Stores. Will Floersheimer has always been an enthusiastic, amazing resource for The Lord’s Place. Before his involvement with the auction, he often spent his time serving at one of the Joshua Thrift Stores. There, he continues to work directly alongside clients to The Lord’s Place, walking them through a variety of job-related roles. These include collecting the donated items, pricing them, arranging them on the sales floor, and processing customer transactions. Will Floersheimer has done amazing work in this capacity, so when he expressed interest in participating in the fundraiser, there was no question about what a great fit he would be.

Auctions for The Lord’s Place Joshua Thrift Stores occur every Monday and are conducted live via their page on Facebook. Pre-selected items are showcased for watchers to purchase. This event helps to boost sales, effectively raising funds for The Lord’s Place. Will stood front and center during the entirety of the hour-long event, introducing every item with warmth and excitement, really sharing his passion for The Lord’s place. Regarding his participation with the non-profit, Will Floersheimer has stated that “Ultimately, it’s an empowering organization and supporting a great cause near and dear to my heart.” It is with the help of volunteers like Will that organizations like The Lord’s Place can succeed.

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