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“Witnessing Grief” by Holly Margl – A Crucial Resource for Coaches and Helping Professionals in the Pandemic Era


Wilmington, Delaware Jan 31, 2024 ( – In the realm of coaching and helping professions, where daily conversations often veer into the realms of grief and trauma, “Witnessing Grief” serves as a valuable resource. Holly Margl sheds light on the challenges faced by coaches, counselors, and therapists when dealing with clients experiencing grief and provides practical guidance on how to approach these sensitive topics.

In the midst of the pandemic, anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma have become prevalent themes in coaching conversations. “Witnessing Grief” acknowledges the weightiness of these discussions and aims to equip professionals with the tools they need to consciously and compassionately engage with their clients’ experiences of loss.

One of the key insights offered in the book is the acknowledgment that, unfortunately, coaches may inadvertently say unhelpful or harmful things to clients experiencing grief. “Witnessing Grief” not only raises awareness about this potential pitfall but also provides strategies for coaches to cultivate self-awareness, engage in deep reflection, and utilize an Enneagram lens to recognize and address biases in their approach.

“Witnessing Grief” by Holly Margl has taken center stage, addressing the pressing need for coaches and helping professionals to navigate conversations around grief, loss, and trauma, especially in the current pandemic era. This timely and vital book has recently been featured on America Tonight Radio with the insightful Kate Delaney and was also highlighted in a Spotlight TV Interview with Logan Crawford.




For coaches and helping professionals seeking guidance on navigating the complexities of grief and trauma conversations, “Witnessing Grief” is a must-read. The book is now available on Amazon and major bookstores and online retailers.

ISBN-10 : 1737200678

ISBN-13 : 978-1737200673

Book Title: Witnessing Grief: Inviting Trauma and Loss to Our Coaching Conversations, An Enneagram Perspective

Author: Holly Margl

Publisher: Compassionate Mind Collaborative

Represented by: Great Writers Media

Publication Date: August 24, 2022

About the Author:

Holly Margl, the author of “Witnessing Grief,” brings a wealth of experience to her work. As a coach, coach mentor, and trainer specializing in grief, trauma, and the Enneagram, she holds the prestigious title of Master Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. Additionally, Holly holds two Professional Enneagram Certifications and Accreditation through the International Enneagram Association. Her Advance Mentor Coach Certificate and Board Certification with the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching further underscore her expertise.

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