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WW2 Romance & Science Historical Fiction Novel Based On True Story, Book Release

Centered around the scientific team of husband and wife, Otto and Viola Schmitt, this recently published touching romance novel unveils the untold events of World War II based on a true story, intertwining love with the scientific achievements of the war.

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Readers of this new book will follow Otto and Viola Schmitt’s innovative work with the M.A.D. system, a crucial part of the war effort previously hidden from public view, as the novel brings their story to life. The Schmitts’ top-secret U-boat sinking weapon played a significant role in helping the U.S. reach a turning point in the war, a tale that is, in many ways, unbelievable.

With Otto of German descent and Viola being a woman, the novel explores both love in wartime and their struggle to work against all odds when no one believes in them. Furthermore, the book carries a feminist theme, portraying how Viola’s work paved the way for many women to follow.

Readers can expect to be immersed in a world filled with love, sacrifice, and groundbreaking scientific discoveries. The novel doesn’t just tell a wartime tale; it sheds light on how an unexpected pair secured victory, adding depth and reality to a historical period often focused solely on battles and political maneuvering.

A unique glimpse into history and humanity, “M.A.D. Scientists: A Love Story” is the perfect read for those seeking a riveting wartime romance novel based on real events. The book is available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon.

Author T H. Harbinger is the founder of Insights on Innovation, the publishing company behind “M.A.D. Scientists: A Love Story.” Harbinger, who comes from a scientific background himself, currently specializes in historical fiction about scientists and how they’ve impacted society. His latest work about the Schmitts is being considered for a major motion picture.

“At Insights on Innovation, we strive to find and illustrate the hidden stories of men and women who have influenced our culture,” said Harbinger. “Our stories illustrate the challenges that these people overcame to succeed, not just for themselves, but for the sake of society.”

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