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Accurate and Honest Property Valuation at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro Professional Valuers

Property valuation is an essential legal document that helps determine the fair market value of properties. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is dedicated to providing quality valuation reports for all purposes. The company’s property valuations take into account up to 200 factors. Besides property, the experts offer valuation services for rental reviews and determinations, taxation, mediation and family law, compensation and acquisition, and stump duty. The company’s certified valuers believe in accuracy, integrity, and honesty.

Other factors that set the company apart are the availability of a full-fledge trained staff system and senior valuers with at least 20 years of experience. The company leadership has set a higher bar because it understands the importance of property valuation and detailed quality reports. The Melbourne-based property valuer was established in 1997 by Senior Property Valuer John Anderson. Owing to his vast experience, Anderson has been called to speak at various property conferences and lectures at various Australian universities.

The Melbourne Property Valuers Metro Core Services

As a full-service property valuation company, Melbourne Property Valuers Metro covers all types of properties and strives to provide independent, transparent, and efficient services. Depending on the property under scrutiny, uses the following methodologies: Capitalisation of Net Income Approach, The Direct Comparison Approach, and The Summation Approach. The Direct Comparison Approach analyses more than 200 variables. Most commercial properties are evaluated using the Capitalisation of Net Income Approach. The Summation Approach is applied as a secondary check and is exclusively reserved for API-certified property valuers.

According to the company website, Melbourne Property Valuers Metro has elevated its clients to the number #1 position and is committed to serving them without any trace of bias. That means both large and small clients seeking help with everything from internal accounting and taxation to multi-million dollar property valuations are invited. The company strongly encourages clients seeking property valuation to seek multiple quotes with API registered property valuers to increase acceptance rates, especially when dealing with judicial, government, and tax entities. As a distinguished independent valuer, the company offers competitive fees that reflect its experience and commitment to serve clients.

Contact Melbourne Property Valuers Metro

The property valuers’ offices are strategically located at 614/20 Queen St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. Phone contact is (03) 9021-2007. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is ready to assist clients needing property valuation and other types of valuations for purposes such as financial reporting, government compliance, and legal procedure. The property valuers are focused on delivering accurate results in return for higher customer retention and satisfaction.

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Melbourne Property Valuers Metro
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John Anderson
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