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Active Shooter Survival Training – Mass Shooting Response Course Catalog Updated

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program, a self-defense education company, has announced the launch of their updated online training catalog. The company’s owner, Michael Julian, is an expert security consultant who has spoken at security and executive protection conferences across the United States.

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The launch of the updated ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training catalog aims to give clients the information and strategies they need to protect themselves and others during active shooter events.

In 2021, mass shootings have been occurring at alarming rates. Just 6 months into the year, over 320 mass shootings have taken place in the United States. Leaving a toll of 352 deaths and over 1300 injured, active shooter events represent a significant threat to Americans.

Though many people believe they will never witness an active shooter situation, the rising incidence of mass shootings suggests otherwise. With his ALIVE Active Shooter Survival online training courses, Julian gives clients the tools they need to survive such tragedies and return home safely.

The company offers 4 online training courses, which differ in their depth and duration. The 3-hour comprehensive course offers the most in-depth training, whereas the accelerated course condenses key information into a 1-hour training program.

The 2-hour power course, Julian’s most popular offering, provides a concise yet thorough training package.

In active shooter situations, most people freeze and fail to take decisive action. The power course helps clients develop an active shooter survival plan so they know exactly what steps to take when disaster strikes.

Effective survival mindsets are also discussed in the training. Rather than resigning themselves to death, clients are encouraged to adopt a mindset of ferocious determination to survive.

For clients looking to quickly review the ALIVE methodology, a 20-minute refresher course is available.

A satisfied customer said: “Michael Julian provides a complete educational experience packed with valuable information. The ALIVE Program can and will save your life if practiced in any home, business, or large corporation. I feel much more equipped to handle an active shooter situation.”

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ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program
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