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Amazon KDP Publishing Assistance With Editing, Book Cover Art: Service Update

In response to the increasing demand for self-publication options, independent publishing company ‘Write My Wrongs’ has recently expanded its services to support authors who want to publish their books via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Recognized for its wide range of services, including ghostwriting, publishing, and audiobook narration, the company also offers book cover creation, editing, and e-book formatting to cater specifically to the needs of KDP authors.

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The company’s newly updated book cover design services are intended to make self-publication via KDP easier and stress-free. Their book cover artists have produced hundreds of book covers for various genres, from children’s books to young adult, true crime, and romance. As part of its formatting and editing offers, ‘Write My Wrongs’ handles internal layout, typography, and metadata optimization, all of which are crucial to preparing an online manuscript.

Aside from the technicalities of publication, ‘Write My Wrongs’ also takes care of core storytelling elements such as plot structure, pacing, and character development. ‘Write My Wrongs’ has an editorial team that can help authors enhance the readability of their books, with all editors having been carefully selected from a pool of hundreds of applicants. This approach has enabled the publishing company to serve a clientele of over 600 authors, from first-timers to experienced writers. The company prides itself on managing all services in-house, providing clients with the focus and priority they deserve, instead of relying on freelancers to get the job done.

However, the journey of self-publishing isn’t limited to just creating an impeccable manuscript, ‘Write My Wrongs’ notes. In the crowded KDP market, getting a book noticed is another hurdle. As such, the company has integrated marketing guidance into its offerings, from book launch tactics to effective pricing and advertising strategies. Furthermore, ‘Write My Wrongs’ allows authors to retain complete ownership of their work, receiving 100% of their book earnings.

“I have an excellent working experience with WMW. My book “Dino’s World,” edited by WMW, became a bestseller on Amazon. WMW ensures professional services with not a single mistake in the whole manuscript. The three-stage review processing by three professional editors results in a final manuscript that can be submitted for publication. WMW is, without any doubt, the best book editing company. I recommend this company to anyone who wants their book to shine,” a satisfied customer said.

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