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AmpiFire by Jay Cruiz Multimedia Content Marketing And Online Branding Platform

Jay Cruiz, partner and the sales expert at AmpiFire, is proud the announce the launch of a new company website. Rocking a professional website design, a brand new user interface and improved features, the brand looks better than ever.

Check out the new AmpiFie website and the amazing content marketing and branding services for small businesses at

The content amplification engine AmpiFire allows startups, local businesses, and eCommerce brands to gain an authoritative reputation within the shortest possible time at a minimal cost. It enables them to reach a level of exposure once only attainable by mega corporations.

Jay Cruiz shared: “Our team aims to continually test and refine our new ideas. We keep up with the latest innovations and technology developments in the digital marketing industry. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience with the platform and the services we offer. We fine-tune our processes to ensure that our clients succeed faster.”

To improve a brand’s visibility and attract highly targeted traffic, AmpiFire uses a blend of AI, software automation, expert writers, and different publishing deals. It helps amplify content across hundreds of authority blogs and platforms.

Clients can publish engaging and attention-grabbing content on media outlets and high-end sites such as Google News, Yahoo, MarketWatch, YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, podcast directories, image-sharing platforms, and more. AmpiFire helps in creating brand omnipresence and driving targeted traffic.

The software aims to provide a solution for small businesses to be able to release quality multimedia content at a lower cost. It saves businesses and marketing teams the hassle by providing easy-to-use content creation templates for building viral campaigns.

Visitors of the new site can also learn about some great job opportunities and remote positions at AmpiFire.

Book a demo session with AmpiFire today at to see how easy it is to amplify any brand’s content, increase its online exposure and generate more leads for the promoted businesses, offers and services.


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