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Bathroom Drain Steel Protector – Hair Clogs Removal/Cleaning Product Launched

The Shroom Company has launched its updated range of award-winning drain protectors, including the recently upgraded TubShroom Ultra, which provides an efficient and easy-to-use means of reducing home drain blockages.

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The updated product range features the new Tubshroom Ultra, which has a stainless steel design to allow for easier cleaning and compatibility, as well as providing more resistance to mold and mildew.

Blocked bathroom drains caused by the build-up of hair are annoying to clean, and in worse case scenarios, can cause flooding and water damage. Furthermore, cleaning hair from a blocked drain is often a messy and awkward task due to its nature to tangle. The Shroom Company provides customers with a practical and effective solution to this problem with the TubShroom Ultra.

Designed to be both simple to use and visually appealing, the TubShroom Ultra is able to fit most standard-sized baths and showers by nestling inside the plughole. The product’s hooded shape allows it to hold itself in the correct position without the need for a cross-bar or additional support for installation.

By catching hair around the spine of the product, the TubShroom neatly coils it out of sight to maintain a clean and hygienic look for a bathroom until it is ready to be cleaned. Due to its new stainless steel design, the TubShroom Ultra is easily removed and wiped clean while also resisting rust and mildew when in use.

Pet owners can also benefit from the product’s hair-catching abilities when washing their animals, as a TubShroom can catch pet hairs just as easily as human hair. Additionally, as there are no chemicals involved in using the product, they make for a safer and more environmentally friendly home environment.

The Shroom Company was founded in 2016 by Serge and Elena Karnegie, whose family of two daughters and their collection of pets wanted a more manageable and chemical-free way to prevent their bathroom drains from being clogged by hair. Initially designed as a silicone product, the new stainless steel TubShroom Ultra is the latest evolution of its innovative product range.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our goal is to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals to clean out clogged drains and to make peoples’ lives easier along the way.”

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