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Blue Organic Supplies to Showcase Blue Magic Naturals(TM) Arett Sales’ Sept. 2023

Prominent Distributor Poised to Transform Perspectives

Blue Organic Supplies, LLC, a leading distributor committed to providing exceptional products that enrich the lives of its customers, is primed to make an impact at Arett Sales’ Open House September 2023 showcase. The spotlight will be on Blue Organic Supplies’ remarkable offerings, particularly the revolutionary Blue Magic Naturals(TM) line of all-natural pest-preventing products for People, Pets, and Plants.

At the core of Blue Organic Supplies’ mission lies an unwavering commitment to enhancing lives through innovations in agriculture, horticulture, and wellness. Guided by visionary founder Bruce C., the company’s spirit aspires to provide environmentally sustainable products that are both safe and effective. With a legacy tracing back to establishing his inaugural nursery in 1991, Bruce’s extensive engagement in the Nursery and Garden Center sector provides a solid foundation for his passionate endeavors.

Safe Products for People, Pets, and Plants

Blue Organic Supplies is thrilled to share a pivotal moment in its journey that has reshaped the course. It all began with the remarkable discovery of Blue Magic(TM) by the renowned Blue Green Earth Sciences(TM). Blue Magic(TM) is genuinely a game-changer – it empowers plants to thrive, produce abundantly, and remain resilient against pests, mold, and mildew. This groundbreaking revelation marked the birth of Blue Organic Supplies, setting them on an incredible transformative path.

Their journey began with introducing the potent Blue Magic(TM) product to businesses far and wide. But they didn’t stop there; Blue Green Earth Sciences(TM) enhanced it further by incorporating cutting-edge BiomeMax(TM) technology into its Naturals by Blue Magic(TM) line. They’ve also extended their commitment to comprehensive pest prevention for humans and pets with the BiomeShield(TM) line. Beyond that, under the guidance of their leader, Bruce, their team delved into addressing mental and physical well-being. Their offerings, including Clarity and Focus(TM) and Roll Call(TM) under Active Duty Rx(TM), aim to enhance mental acuity and alleviate bodily discomforts.

Arett Sales’ Open House in September 2023

The excitement is building to a crescendo as they proudly announce their prominent presence as a premium new vendor at Arett Sales’ Open House in September 2023. This prestigious event gives them a remarkable platform to unveil their transformative solutions. As a leading distributor of the Blue Magic Naturals(TM) line, they are poised to captivate attendees with their unwavering commitment to delivering innovative, life-enhancing solutions. Stay tuned for a truly exceptional experience!

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About Blue Organic Supplies, LLC:

Blue Organic Supplies, LLC is a distinguished distributor dedicated to providing exceptional products that elevate the lives of its customers. Led by visionary founder Bruce C., the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic well-being is unwavering. With a portfolio that spans pioneering solutions in agriculture, horticulture, and wellness, including the transformative Blue Magic Naturals(TM) Line, Blue Organic Supplies(TM) is poised to make a lasting impression at Arett Sales’ Open House September 2023 showcase. This event underscores the company’s dedication to sharing transformative solutions with a broader audience.

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