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Groove AI Predefined Prompt Engine: 2023 Content Generation Tool Released

The recent announcement from BisnisApps introduces an AI engine that empowers content creators, social media managers, marketers, bloggers, and copywriters to simplify and streamline content creation. With, users can generate content without the need for detailed prompts.

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The release of this engine is aligned with a growing interest in AI among businesses looking to enhance their operations and efficiency. It also offers a cost-effective solution that makes AI accessible to a broader user base.’s patent-pending promptless system uses preset prompt engineering, allowing users to choose from various pre-seasoned and par-baked prompts to create content tailored to their specific styles, tones, and objectives.

Users can choose from a range of prompt options, including SEO-focused, direct response, profession-specific, and educational prompts. With customizable AI personalities, the AI engine also empowers individuals to tailor its output by allowing them to select a specific writing style that reflects their individuality and brand identity.

Users can use the AI engine on any online platform through a Google Chrome extension. also showcases an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder designed to support businesses in establishing a robust online presence.

The website builder’s user-friendly interface allows users to create websites in minutes. The platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to suggest design elements and layouts to suit their branding. In addition, it automatically optimizes their website for SEO to help improve their rankings and drive more organic traffic. paves the way for other AI developers to showcase and promote their applications by establishing a marketplace. Through this marketplace, content creators, social media managers, marketers, bloggers, and copywriters can conveniently explore tools and workflows that streamline and simplify marketing campaigns in any niche.

A spokesperson said: “In the age of digital marketing and content creation, businesses and individuals require versatile tools that cater to their unique needs and goals. is a cutting-edge platform that takes AI-generated content to the next level with its preset prompt engineering.”

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