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Canada Car Repair Marketplace – Affordable Mechanics Finder Website Launched

A new online car repair marketplace called Auto Fix Buddy has been launched to help motorists in Canada find and compare local garage services. The platform offers access to more than 12,000 car repair shops across North America.

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With the new launch, Auto Fix Buddy is providing a one-stop solution for vehicle owners to connect with car mechanics in their vicinity and save money on repairs.

Car owners generally find information about auto repair shops on generic online directories that are not tailored to their specific requirements. After conducting extensive research that included interviews with car owners, the team behind Auto Fix Buddy built a platform that addresses these pain points.

Auto Fix Buddy has considerable advantages over generic web listings as it lets users discover the best garages in their area that are equipped to service their exact car make and model. The search results provide information on hourly rates and can be filtered based on criteria such as financing options, car wash services, and emergency appointments.

With the aim of offering access to niche services, the portal also lists the best garages for specialties such as diagnostics, heating, brakes, and suspension. The list can then be further narrowed down based on location.

Auto Fix Buddy also aims to be an asset to owners of auto repair shops. Garage operators who register on the portal need not worry about spending large sums on online advertising as Auto Fix Buddy makes them more discoverable to local vehicle owners in their area.

Auto Fix Buddy is primarily serving Canada at the moment but plans to expand its footprint globally in the future with the goal of helping car owners worldwide get quick access to reliable repair services.

A satisfied customer said: “I recently signed up on the Auto Fix Buddy portal. It has some very nice features. The platform is unique and helped me save a lot of money.”

Additional information about Auto Fix Buddy can be accessed at

Auto Fix Buddy
Auto Fix Buddy

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