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Car Alarms Get Video Doorbell Protection with New dFence d3 Security System

Innovative Aftermarket Group, Inc. (IAG) recently announced the nationwide launch of its revolutionary d3 complete vehicle surveillance system, which gives car, truck and RV dealers and vehicle owners a combination of capabilities never before seen.

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“According to the FBI, car thefts are at the highest level in over a decade, and thefts of personal property from inside vehicles are also on the rise,” said Tony Avila, IAG founder and CEO. “Fortunately, our revolutionary d3 system not only lets vehicle dealers offer a solution to their customers, it lets them increase their own security, productivity and revenues. It’s essentially to vehicles what video doorbells are to homes.”

The d3 system consists of three key components:

GPS tracking. The instant a vehicle armed with d3 system is moved, the owner or dealer will receive a text notification. They can then activate a high-intensity strobe to deter the thief. If the vehicle is stolen, the d3 app can track the vehicle’s movement in real time and shared with law enforcement.

Glass break alarm. Conventional vehicle alarms sound when a door is opened, but not when a window is broken. The d3 system sounds a piercing alarm the instant a window is broken, texts the owner or dealer an alert notifying them of the broken window, and offers the option of remotely activating a high-intensity strobe to further deter the thief.

Camera. The instant the thief reaches into or sits down in the front seat, the d3’s Bluetooth camera repeatedly takes photos of the thief and transmits them to the owner or dealer. These can help law enforcement apprehend and prosecute the thief.

In addition to serving as a powerful sales opportunity, the d3 system also offers other benefits for dealers:

Ease of installation. A “plug and play” design allows it to be installed in under 5 minutes without cutting or splicing any wires.

Lot security. The dealer will be notified the instant a vehicle is moved or has a window broken.

Lot management. Dealers can track the locations of their vehicles on the lot and get a text notification if a vehicle’s battery drops to a low level when the engine is started.

Customer retention. The d3 app not only showcases the dealer’s name and promotions, it notifies customers when servicing is due and alerts the dealer whenever the vehicle is driven onto any of the dealer group’s lots. It also lets the dealer notify customers of any special campaigns, and lets the customer contact their service aisle representative with the touch of a button.

The d3 system is widely supported by 4G LTE coverage.

For additional information, please contact Tony Avila or (877) 842-4477 or visit dFence online:

4802 E. Ray Rd.
Ste 23-323
United States

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