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Carmel IN Digital Photography – Camera Angle Techniques Beginner Class Launched

Wyant Photography, based in Carmel, Indiana, announced the launch of a 4 hour photography crash course. The company is offering summer classes to help photography beginners and photo enthusiasts to learn how to use their own cameras to capture better photographs.

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The classes were launched in order to provide complete beginners the opportunity to learn to get the most out of their camera and to be able to take better family and nature photos.

The educational course is based upon 7 concepts of digital photography: basic camera function, technical aspects, art of photography, lighting techniques, making subjects look their best, refining details, and display options. The most basic to advanced cameras are all welcome and appropriate for the class.

The class begins by ensuring that students have a thorough understanding of what each button and setting on their camera does. Students will learn how to utilize f stops, shutter speed, white balance, ISO (light sensitivity,) proper exposure, and image composition.

They will also learn how to give their images more impact by using leading lines, converging lines, the rule of 3rds, symmetrical and asymmetrical, creating a center of interest, and 4 lighting techniques.

The following lighting techniques will be covered: finding and creating “direction of light,” sun vs. shade, indoor and outdoor, and natural light as opposed to light modifiers and flash.

Proper Lens Perspective, camera angle, posing, expression, spontaneity, and use of props will all be covered in relation to making subjects look their best. The class will wrap up with a discussion of the refinement of details and potential photo display options such as fine art prints, albums, slideshows, and more.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “The bottom line is that no matter what your skill level is or the type of camera you own, you’ll leave the classroom with the knowledge of how to operate your camera and the inspiration to put that knowledge into practice! Give Jim Wyant just 4 hours of your time and he will improve your photography skills beyond what you could have ever imagined.”

Interested parties can find additional details at

Wyant Photography
Wyant Photography
2550 Hadley Grove S Dr

United States

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