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Cartier, at the age of 28, began an apprenticeship with Adolph Picard – a famous craftsman and watchmaker. In 1847 he took over his in Paris and opened his own atelier. There was a well-known sign in golden letters on the sign: “Louis-Francois Cartier, the successor of Monsieur Picard, making jewelry, fancy ornaments, fashion accessories, and novelties.” This proves that he focused on innovation and good advertising from the very beginning. The Cartier store has changed its appearance over the years, meeting the changing needs of the owner who quickly became famous. He became famous for satisfying even the most extravagant needs of the aristocracy. Thanks to this, his name became popular with the wealthy and influential French.

When he moved his business to the fashionable Palais-Royal district in 1853, Cartier was a favorite craftsman of, among others, Napoleon III’s cousin, who, through her patronage, opened the door to Paris society on a large scale. The princess’ tastes caused a surge in interest in extravagance in jewelry, which inevitably led the people to Cartier.

Over 100 years of panther in Cartier jewelry

The panther motif first appeared in Cartier jewelry in 1914. Even though 107 years have passed since then, this symbol is inherently associated with the exclusive jewelry works of this brand. Craftsmen from Cartier decided to deviate a bit from the standards this time and created a panther for our time. Consisting of 56 unique pieces of jewelry, the collection refers to the traditional wild cat motif, at the same time showing it in the most original and unprecedented version.

Beautiful necklaces with a panther motif arouse constant admiration. Some of the most recognizable are:

  • Necklace with diamonds, emeralds, and onyx
  • Panther necklace: diamonds, pearls, onyx, emeralds

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