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Currently, the Cartier brand is growing at an unprecedented pace, its stores can be found in over 120 countries and there are over 200 of them! The company’s value is estimated at $ 5.3 billion and its impact on the history of jewelry makes it a global icon.

Despite the extreme competition and a significant change in the “rules of the game”, Cartier remains relevant today. Once an exclusive brand was characterized by sky-high prices and the status of a company better than others – today it is not enough to stay on top. In the global village era, the consumer engages in the company’s operations without making purchases from it. He can follow the company’s activities on social media or observe events in which you can see the jewelry of a famous jeweler. Such events include the Oscar galas, the golden globe giving away, or the famous MET gala.

The “Guide to Me” section turned out to be a great marketing solution, as it contains product descriptions and is a virtual assistant that suggests choosing the right jewelry for the occasion. It is also excellent to show the history of the company – how it started and what led to its international success.

We can follow Cartier’s activities on YouTube, in Apple watch applications, or eMagazine. They allow you to buy the brand’s products but also offer a closer acquaintance with it.

An interesting story whether a long list of exclusive customers is not enough nowadays to remain an exclusive brand on top. Cartier has been supplying us with jewelry of unbelievably excellent quality materials and workmanship for over 160 years. The company’s bosses keep up with the times and are not afraid to change their company to meet consumer expectations.

Cartier Jewelry – the best investment

Of all the investments in ore, one of the most interesting is investment jewelry. “Ordinary” gold in the form of bars can please the investor’s eye only in a vault or in a safe, and a necklace with Cartier diamonds or gold earrings will please more than one person, even if he is aware that it is “only” a way to invest and earn money.

The stone purchased in this way should be certified by one of the recognized gemological institutes, eg GIA – this is a confirmation of its quality. Cartier jewelry uses only the highest quality diamonds.

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